1. The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Hearing Protective Equipment

    If you have to deal with strong sounds and endure loud noises for a long time, be aware that it can cause hearing impairments. Some workplaces need the use of protective wear for ears like – ear defenders, earplugs and earmuffs.

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  2. Top 7 Pieces of Workplace Legislation

    A productive workplace is built upon the foundation of a safe workplace. This is the reason why workplace legislation holds so much importance. Every company should be aware of the legislation that applies to their business.

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  3. Importance of Hygiene in the Workplace

    The value of practicing hygiene can be very well understood by the quote of Meagan Francis, “Cleaning & organizing is a practice not a project”. Hygiene is important to practice in your day-to-day lives. We spend a large portion of our day at our workplace. So, workplace hygiene can impact our health.

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  4. Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations

    Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations Safety at the workplace is a major concern for the employees and is a huge responsibility of the employers. There are specific safety and security rules and regulations that are meant to safeguard workers from harm and remove any imposed risks to their lives. A major emphasis is laid on the fact that employers should strictly implement these regulations at their workplaces. Read more »
  5. What does PPE stand for? It's usefulness in Health and Safety

    Many of the jobs require working in a hazardous environment that impose some serious threat to the health of the workers. These occupations are mainly of technicians, construction workers, electricians, medical lab technicians, mine workers, to name a few.

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