Protective Masks Direct Discusses the Importance of Proper Face Covering

Protective Masks Direct Ltd, leaders in supplying specialist PPE and protective workwear across the UK. They stock and supply high-standard disposable coveralls, protective clothing, hearing protection gear, dust mask, Asbestos protection kits, disposable dust masks, and so on. 

All the protective dust masks range from FFP1 to FFP3 by complying with CE EN 149:2001 standards of the UK. 

Recently the company has shared the importance of proper face covering. As the entire world is fighting hard to control the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, the information about the importance of proper face covering is considered essential for many people. 

Why Wearing a Mask is Important?

Wearing a face covering/mask becomes inevitable for the past 18+ months to avoid the risk of getting infected with the COVID-19 virus. Few people think as ‘I am personally fit and not at the risk of getting COVID-19’ but they can be a carrier of transmitting COVID-19 to other people including their family members. To avoid such a situation, wearing a face mask is the best thing one can do. 

The reason why everyone should wear a face coverall or face masks becomes so important is, the virus COVID-19 starts transmitting from one person to another through liquid substance via the mouth, nose during coughing, sneezing even sometimes through speaking released which are commonly referred to as respiratory droplets from an infected person well before the symptoms appear. 

Here are the few points that need to be aware of by all regarding wearing a face mask.

  • Wearing a face mask protects your surrounding people
  • As per studies, being contagious was not realize by many so wearing mask will reduce the virus spread
  • A face mask or face covering will protects you from the virus infection
  • Wearing face masks by all people will help the world economy to recover by controlling virus spread

Who should & who should not Wear Masks?

 Wearing a face mask is essential even though you are not sick, reports from WHO point out many people don’t show the symptoms of COVID-19 infection and still transmit the virus to others. People should wear a face mask if they're unable to maintain a 6-feet social distance when they are in a crowded place.

Here are lists of people who should wear a face mask:

  • People who are aged above 2 years should wear masks
  • People who do public traveling  
  • People who stay indoors with the infected people

Here are the Lists of people who were exempted from wearing a mask

  • Child below 2 years
  • People who experience difficulties while wearing face masks
  • People who work in a place that may cause risk of wearing masks

Bottom Line 

People can avoid COVID-19 virus transmission by wearing a cloth face covering or recommended face masks including surgical masks and N-95 masks which are highly utilized by healthcare workers around the world. 

Masks act like a barrier that prevents respiratory droplets from reaching others. As per the study reports, wearing masks significantly reduces the droplets spray from the nose and mouth.