The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Hearing Protective Equipment

If you have to deal with strong sounds and endure loud noises for a long time, be aware that it can cause hearing impairments. Some workplaces need the use of protective wear for ears like – ear defenders, earplugs and earmuffs.

Many people have to work in industries where the use of hearing protection equipment is common and these are important part of the PPE Kit. The hearing protection equipment is used to block out those dangerous decibels. Ear defenders and earmuffs offer the highest level of protection.

The best earmuffs block out loud sounds and at the same time allow you to hear conversations happening in the normal and permissible audible range.

Standard earplugs function efficiently in average noise but at places where the noise reaches dangerous levels, these standard earplugs fail to provide any adequate protection. Noise is measured in decibels and you need to know about the exact decibels of noise present in your environment before buying the earplugs.

The Guide to Buying the Best Hearing Protection Equipment –

Always purchase an earmuff with an adequate noise reduction rating. Based on the average decibels reaching to you at your workplace you need to carefully determine which earmuff will work best in your environment.

Knowledge about the type of products available in the market and the level of protection the equipment offer is vital in the selection of the proper fit. Here’s a list of things you should look at before making that purchase –


Different Types of Hearing Protection Available –

Earplugs – These are small equipment that can easily be inserted in your ear. Either disposable or reusable these ear plugs are able to provide relief in any environment with average noise but are not suitable to safeguard you from high decibels of sounds.

Earmuffs – For places with a higher level of noise pollution you will require the protection of earmuffs. Earmuffs are capable of blocking all the sound to the point you won’t hear a thing. You need to be very careful in selecting the earmuffs. Check their ratings about the level of noise that can be easily blocked by them.

Ear defenders – Another alternative comes in the form of ear defenders. These are ultralight and foam cushioned but highly efficient in absorbing high impact sound.


Things to Consider Before Buying Hearing Protection –

If your workplace presents a sound hazard then you need to provide hearing protection as PPE to the workers. Loud noises can make irreversible damage to a person’s hearing ability if taken for granted. Check these before buying a hearing protection -

Fit and comfort

Hearing protection equipment is an important PPE that will save you from the hazards. You need to wear it for long hours. Make sure it’s comfortable to wear. A lot of earmuffs are softly padded and come with an extra-wide head band that’s able to provide maximum comfort. Ear defenders are also softly padded and designed to fit comfortably on your head.

Reusable earplugs like rockets reusable plugs are made of soft TPE material which is gentle on the skin and these are washable. Their soft gentle design and air-cushioned tip make these reusable earplugs very gentle on the wearer’s skin. Soft handle makes it easier to wear and remove these earplugs. Disposable plugs are also available.

Compatible with the other PPE

If your work requires the use of the other PPE then check their compatibility with the other PPE. You can find both types of earplugs, reusable and disposable. Both disposable and reusable earplugs are fit for use with the other PPE.

You need to check the compatibility of earmuffs and ear defenders with other essential PPE that is required to be worn in your work environment.


Ear defenders and ear muffs are better suited on construction or industrial site. As they can block the harmful decibels of sound while allowing you to hear normally permissible decibels.

Your ear defenders design adds to its effectiveness. Some ear defenders are lightweight with foam cushions, sound absorbing cups and a comfort head band.


Our Recommendations on Some of the Best Earplugs –

Highest SNR Ear Plugs        

SNR ratings determine the level of the protection provided by the ear plug. Highest SNR Ear Plugs won’t block all the noise but are capable of providing the highest level of protection an earplug can give.

A range of these is available at Protective Mask Direct.                           

Moldex Ear Plugs

Moldex Ear Plugs are disposable earplugs and they come with a large dispensing system consisting of 500 pairs of earplugs. This is the most cost-effective solution. These earplugs remain hygienic. The dispenser mechanism is automatic and you just need to refill it when empty.



Protective Mask Direct offers a whole range of ear defenders that are suitable to be used for industrial purposes. It’s easier to select one that suits your requirement in the best way.

You don’t need an earmuff that blocks every sound. Find the best noise cancelling ear defenders/ earmuffs. Selection of correct hearing protection is not easy but if you know about your requirements then you just need to check what type of hearing protection matches your needs best.