Top 7 Wellness Efforts that Help Build Healthy Workplaces

With the emergence of the COIVD-19 pandemic, the paradigms of workplace safety and wellness have changed considerably. The market is gradually opening and employees are looking forward to join their offices. People have suddenly grown aware of their mental and physical well being. The employers are reviving the workspaces to accommodate the newfound changes. Wellness at the workplace is not anymore about cleanliness and hygiene. Physical distancing has become a new normal which needs to be adopted by any workplace. Organizations are taking steps towards ensuring the wellbeing of their employees.

Listed below are some of the efforts towards employee wellness that every workplace should adopt:

Listed below are some of the efforts towards employee

1. Make masks mandatory

Masks should be compulsorily worn by anyone regardless of the kind of work and environment. The market is brimming with a number of masks including a dust mask, ffp1 mask, and ffp3 mask. Some people even tend to go for a full face mask which is not necessary. Employers can help the employees in selecting the right mask. While dust masks are very common, ffp1 masks and ffp3 masks are gaining popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic owing to their capacity to protect the user from the inhalation of droplets, fine particles, and droplets present in the air. However, using a cotton mask would be enough for a corporate office and the people working in the industrial sector should choose the dust mask wisely after a thorough evaluation.

2. Conduct fitness sessions

People are growing aware about the mental well being. To deliver maximum productivity, the employee should be mentally and physically fit. Fitness sessions promoting overall well being should be conducted on a fixed schedule. This session can be a combination of physical exercises and mediation. Yoga and different asana can also be included. The bandwidth to attend these sessions should be provided to the employees in their working hours.

3. Introduce healthy food

Since the office cafeteria feeds a majority of employees, the quality of food holds utter importance. The demographics are increasingly inclining towards healthy and natural food. Also, there has been a major awakening regarding immunity, and immunity-boosting ingredients are gaining major demand. Natural food and health drinks should be available for the employees throughout the day.

4. Create comfort zones

Naps and relaxation sound to be very unprofessional but they are known to have a great impact on our health. A nap can make you feel refreshed and energized to work with greater zeal. Workplaces should have dedicated spaces where the employees can relax or take a nap. Also, the management should add this liberty to the daily work schedule of the employee.

5. Encourage eco-friendly commutation

Public transport and Bike and car sharing have always been encouraged to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment. Many health enthusiasts even opt for a bicycle to commute from their home to the office. Employers should encourage their employees to take up health-promoting transit options, outside and inside the office premises.

6. Conduct wellness drives and challenges

Wellness adventures and outings should be conducted by the company to boost team bonding. Different types of adventures and trekking can be taken up as health-promoting activities. Adventures challenges and games that offer exciting prizes can be another way of promoting wellness at the workplace. Besides physically intensive activities, fun sessions can also be included such as golf and laser tag that refresh the employees to perform better.

7. Motivate employees

Conducting programs is just one part and the other part lies in participation. Encourage your employees to participate in every activity. Posters about the health benefits can be stuck all around the office to continuously remind the employees about the health benefits of all the programs and efforts. Another way of motivation can be in terms of reimbursement and family health packages. Since, any wellness program cannot be made mandatory, motivating the employees is very important.

Gone are the days when wellness was associated with longevity. In this