When and Why is hearing protection important for children

Not all social situations with a dangerously high level of noises can be avoided and if you have young children then you might be aware of the damaging effects that high decibels of sound can cause on your child's hearing ability.

Hearing protection is crucial for your child if you have to spend time outdoors or indoors where there is a possibility of loud noises. As we all are aware that these situations can't be avoided.

But at the same time, you don't have to risk your child's well being. Hearing protection is easily available in the form of earplugs. Whenever you plan an outing or willing to attend a party where you suspect high decibels of sounds then it will be better to keep the protection handy.

When you should use Hearing Protection for your Children?

Hearing protection is important in young children as they regularly encounter loud noises. Children's especially infants and toddler's ears are sensitive to loud noise. It is not possible to avoid loud noises all the time.

What can be done in such cases is to use some protection for kid's ears to eliminate the harmful effects of the loud sound.

Children are often exposed to loud noises, more than their parents might not realize. It's important to determine what levels of sound will harm your child. The sound that is above the level of 80 decibels is deemed as harmful and damage-causing if you are exposed to it for more than 8 hours. 

With every addition of every 3 decibels in this 80 decibels, the amount of time your child should be exposed to it decreases to half.

A sound above 110 dB causes immediate damage. We often don't acknowledge that the sound of an electric drill surpasses this limit and noise caused by fireworks can even reach 150 dB. Just imagine how much harmful these can be and how often small children are exposed to these noises.

Why is Hearing Protection Important for Children?

ENT specialists have warned that long term exposure to loud noises can cause damage in the hearing capacity of small children. Therefore it is advisable that exposure to loud noises should be prevented at all costs.

As a parent, it's your responsibility to understand what can cause harm and how you can protect your child from it.

Children's ears are sensitive to these types of loud noises. Earplugs and earmuffs should be necessarily used and are a must-have to carry with you when you are attending concerts or parties like this.

Natural hearing loss is associated with old age and it happens in older people but nowadays even children are not safe. Children are frequently exposed to dangerous levels of sound and parents fail to understand what's the exact level of sound that can cause harm.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Hearing loss that occurs due to long term exposure to loud noises is completely preventable. It's very important to provide adequate protection to your child and prevent hearing loss.

You can use protection in the form of disposable or reusable earplugs can be used to safeguard your child's ear when you attend loud events like parties, parade or matches where it's impossible to avoid loud noises.

There are several advantages of using hearing protection and earplugs can be used conveniently in flights and while swimming.

Some of the advantages of using earplugs are - they improve concentration at home and at school. It's helpful in case if you or your child have over-sensitivity to noises.

Earplugs provide peace and quiet while sleeping and they prevent water from entering the ear canal while swimming.

It also reduces the unpleasant pressure on one's eardrums while flying. It can also be used to reduce stress and protect hearing in an MRI scanner. An MRI scanner produces up to 130 dB of sound.


It is better to prevent than to seek a cure. By using earplugs in unavoidable social situations with a loud noise, you can safeguard your child's hearing capacity.

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