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Asbestos Protective Clothing


If you are working with asbestos you should ensure that your health is protected and wear the correct Asbestos PPE.  Asbestos fibres are very small & unless correct grade asbestos suit & other essential asbestos protective clothing is worn fibres could easily contaminate clothing and spread to the lungs.  Our asbestos protective Cat 3 Type 5/6 disposable coveralls are the correct thickness to minimise splitting are available as microporous as well as SMS White & Blue cat 3 Type 5/6 Coveralls available.

FFP3 Asbestos Masks

Our Disposable FFP3 asbestos mask HY9632 is the highest spec available in the EU to protect asbestos fibres. We also stock the reusable Asbestos Half masks & P3 filters.


All Protective Clothing (PPE) offers The Level of Protection Required for Asbestos Safety

We sell both Microproporous-Metec and SMS-Metec Cat 3 Type 5/6 Coveralls for asbestos work providing a comfortable and protective barrier. If you are working in a warm environment and would like a Cat 3 Type 5/6 Coveralls with extra cooling our Metec Cool Cat 3 Type 5/6 protective coverall is the one for you. Additional Asbestos equipment is available including council approved asbestos bags


Protective Asbestos Clothing, also available are specific overshoes for asbestos, overboots for asbestos, and protective gloves suitable for asbestos removal.


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  1. goggles Indirect Vent

    Ultra light googles with indirect ventilation for the toughest of work environments.
  2. Cat 3 Type 5/6 Hooded Asbestos Coveralls -Microporous -LC Anti Biohazard

    The LC microporous coverall provides premium protection EN368 chemical liquids and ASTM F1670 blood penetration for premium resistance Classified Type 5-B, Type 6-B for protection against biological hazards & infective agents.

  3. Protective Goggles Vistamax VNC21/FC

    The Vistmax VNC21/FC safety goggles use a double lens system to provide eye protection against chemicals and harmful imapct from particles.

    Excellent anti mist performance with its bearthable " twin lens" system.

  4. Half Mask Asbestos Protective Kit

    Kit includes reusable half mask & P3 filter, asbestos coveralls, overboots, gloves, goggles & asbestos waste bags.
  5. Full Face Mask Asbestos Protective Kit

    Protective kit includes Full face mask & P3 filter, Cat III Type 5/6 coveralls, gloves, overboots & red/clear heavy duty asbestos bags.
  6. Ansell Therm-A-Grip Gloves 44-315

    Excellent dry grip makes handling easy, with the the foam insulation & nitrile impregnated material  not only locking out the cold & sealing in warmth but also repelling rain, snow, dirt & grease.

  7. Disposable Overboots (Pack of 10 ~ 6.95) (PCD05)

    Application: Disposable Hard wearing Microbond Overboots CE Type 5/6 with ties one size fits all £ 6.95 per pack of 10 (5 pairs) (PCD05)

  8. Disposable Socks (Pack 200)

    Non woven Disposable Socks Pack 200
  9. Asbestos Protection Kit

    Asbestos Protection Kit includes: 4x FFP3 Disposable Asbestos Masks, 2x Protective Cat3 Type 5/6 Coveralls(Asbestos Grade) , 2 Pairs Overboots, 2x Clear Asbestos Bags, 2x Red Asbestos Bags, 1x Goggles, 1x Nitrile Gloves (2 Day Kit) (FFP3 Protection) (Code APK1) 

  10. Nitrile Disposable Gloves Medical Grade

    Textured for improved Grip Latex free reducing the risk of allergic reaction Tear Resistant Tensile Strength 19MPA Nitrile Gloves 100 per pack
  11. Cat 3 Type 5/6 Hooded Asbestos Coveralls -Microporous -Metec Anti Biohazard | Protective Masks Direct

    Metec Cat 3 Type 5/6 Microporous Coveralls is soft & breathable anti-static, anti-bacterial laminated fabric(polypropylene+microporous film) 65g/m2 offering unbeatably strong, durable protection without compromising comfort.  An excellent high-level Biohazard suit EN 14126.

    As low as £4.35
  12. Cat 3 Type 5/6 Blue Hooded Asbestos Coveralls -Blue

    Blue Metec SMS Cat 3 Type 5/6 SMS Coverall is soft & breathable SMS materials 55g/m2. Protection Level: Type 5 EN ISO 13982-1(2) Dry particle type 6 EN 13034 Reduced spray suit.  Purchase 10 Protective Cat 3 Type 5/6 Blue Asbestos Coveralls for a special price of £ 4 per coverall ex vat

    As low as £4.07
  13. Cat 3 Type 5/6 Asbestos Hooded Coveralls - SMS-Metec

    Metec SMS Cat 3 Type 5/6 protective coverall is soft & breathable SMS materials 55g/m2. Protection Level: Type 5 EN ISO 13982-1(2) Dry particle Type 6 EN 13034 Reduced spray suit.  

    Protective Cat 3 Type 5/6 Asbestos Coveralls £ 3.69 ex vat per unit

    Size: XL


  14. Cat 3 Type 5/6 Coverall SMS

    DB10 Cat 3 Type 5/6 Coverall SMS(UCI DB10) Type 5 - Particle tight clothing. Coveralls are manufactured to provide for protectionto both products and personnel. They are typically used, dependent on the conditionsand the severity of the toxicity, for protection against airborne particles and fibres.Type 6 - Limited splash tight clothing. Coveralls are manufactured to provideprotection from limited splash and spray where the risk of chemical exposure has beenassessed as low and the type of potential exposure is defined as low risk.Sizes XL- XXL
  15. Cat 3 PLUS-B / TYPE 4/5/6 Coverall with tape seam(MP456)

    The special design of Cat 3 PLUS-B / TYPE 4/5/6 Microporous Coverall with tape seam(MP456) offers unbeatable strong, durable protection without compromising comfort - Good breathability - Low thermal resistance - Exc strength.  65g/M2 seams are overlocked to a standard 7+/-1 stitches per inch; elasticated hood, cuffs, back, and ankles; zip front; storm cover flap with self-adhesive tape; stitched and tape seams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What Asbestos PPE should be worn when removing asbestos materials?

The correct Asbestos PPE should be worn when removing asbestos materials, this includes FFP3 Masks, Cat 3 Type 5/6 coveralls, Overboots, goggles & gloves. (Asbestos Kit)

Once the asbestos waste has been removed and at the end of the job, please ensure that all Asbestos PPE is removed and also placed with the certified asbestos bags to prevent the spread of asbestos fibres.

02. What Asbestos kit is required to safely remove asbestos?

It is important that the correct asbestos kit is worn when handling asbestos to ensure that there is no exposure to asbestos fibres.

1. FFP3 masks (Either disposable mask or reusable mask with a P3 (FFP3) filter

2. Cat 3 type 5/6 coveralls

3. Goggles

4. Gloves

5. Overboots

All asbestos PPE must be correctly disposed of double-bagged in the UN certified asbestos bags (Red into clear) & sealed.

03. What is the correct grade of coveralls needed for Asbestos removals?

Coveralls range from basic which stop your clothing from getting dirty to full anti biohazard coveralls used in the most dangerous of situations.

The correct protective grade for Asbestos coveralls is the Cat 3 Type 5/6 Coveralls. These are available in SMS material (Trilaminate fabric) which protect against fluid & particulate penetration as well as microporous which not also prevents liquid molecules from entering but allows water vapour to permeate outwards. Both the SMS & Microporous Cat 3 Type 5/6 coveralls vary in gram weight, the microporous coveralls tend to be harder wearing. Please be aware that cheap thin versions of either are commonplace which will easily split putting the wearer in danger.

Certification type 5: EN ISO 13982-1 :2004+A1 :2009 type 6 EN 13034:2005 +A1 : 2009

04. What asbestos equipment do I need to remove household asbestos?

To remove any household asbestos such as asbestos tiles, lagging or asbestos infill you must ensure that you have the proper asbestos equipment & asbestos protective clothing to ensure full safety. The proper asbestos kit to include Asbestos masks (FFP3 Grade) , Cat3 Type 5/ 6 Coveralls, Overboots, goggles & gloves must be worn as well as UN certified asbestos bags red & clear & tape for the asbestos waste.


05. How do I dispose of Household Asbestos Waste?

Asbestos is classified as a hazardous waste however can be taken to the council’s waste & recycling centres & certain councils provide a free collection service for asbestos sheets and bagged asbestos waste. Please ensure that the correct Asbestos PPE is worn & the correct Asbestos waste bags are used.

06. What is the correct grade of mask required for Asbestos?

All masks used for unlicenced Asbestos work must be FFP3 (P3) grade protection with an APF x20. These masks can be either FFP3 disposable masks or reusable masks with the correct P3 filter. Full face masks offer enhanced 40x APF protection.

07. What eye protection needs to be worn for asbestos removal?

Closed eyewear such as goggles should be worn rather than open safety spectacles. Full face masks provide full facial protection as well as enhanced protection against asbestos fibres.