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Sundstrom Filters & Accesories

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  1. Respirator Face Mask Antiseptic Cleaning Wipes (50 Pack)

    Antiseptic wipes can be used to clean all Full Face Dust Masks & Respirators. Will not dry out even if stored in warm conditions. (SR5226) Each antiseptic wipe is individually foil wrapped & complies with current regulations requiring cleaning of non-disposable respiratory equipment after use. Supplied in packs of 50.

  2. Sundstrom SR298 AX Filter

    Sundstrom SR298 AX Filter
  3. Sundstrom SR 315 ABE1 Gas Filter

    The filter can be used with both the Sundstrom half mask and full face mask. The SR 315 ABE1 filter can also be combined with the with the P3 particle filter, the SR 510 P3 filter to provide a combined ABE1P3 protection level for spray painting.
  4. Sundstrom SR 316 K1 Gas Filter

    Sundstrom SR 316 K1 Gas Filter protects ammonia (K) and certain amine gases and vapours. Tested and approved according to EN 14387:2004 the SR 316 filter can be combined with the SR 510 P3 filter to provide combined protection against work such as high-pressure washing.
  5. Sundström SR100 Half Mask Service Kit

    The SR100 Half Mask Service Kit

    The Sundstrom half mask service kit contains two exhalation valves, one inhalation valve, valve membranes as well as spare head harness

    £ 18.99 ex vat

  6. Sundstrom SR 599 ABEKHGP3 Filter

    The Sundstrom SR 599 filter provides protection against organic & inorganic fumes, acid gases, ammonia & mercury.
  7. Sundstrom SR 597 A1B2E2K1 Combination Filter

    The Sr 597 combination filter protects against organic & inorganic fumes, Acid gases & Vapours (E2B2 Higher concentration) Designed for use with the Sundstrom SR 500 & Sundstrom SR 500 EX powered air units
  8. Sundstrom SR221 Pre Filter

    Prefilter Should Always Be Used For Particle, Gas And Combined Filters.Sundstrom SR221 Pre Filter The pre-filter protects the main filter against premature clogging by larger particles.The Sundstrom SR221 Pre Filter should always be used for particle, gas and combined filters.Code H02-0312 Price: £ 2.89 ex vat
  9. Sundstrom P3 Particle filter SR 510 P3 R

    100% of 100

    Particle filter SR 510 P3R SR 510 P3R is a mechanical filter with extremely low inhalation resistance.SR 510 protect against all types of particles (dust, fume, fog, spray, asbestos), even bacteria, viruses and radioactive pollution.SR 510 also fits on all Sundström filter respirator products.Combinations of filters can be used if gases/vapours and particles occur at the same time.CODE H02-1312 :


  10. SR 218 Sundstrom A2 Gas Filter

    The SR 218 A2 Organics gas filter is designed for use with the Sundstrom Full & Half Face masks
  11. Sundstrom ABEK1 Filter SR 297

    The Sundstrom SR 297 ABEK1 filter is designed for use with both the sundstrom full face masks as well as the sundtrom half masks.
  12. Sundstrom SR 299-2 ABEK1HGP3 Filter

    Full protection against Organic / inorganic fumes and acid gases, Ammonia, Mercury & the highest level of particulate & aerosol vapour protection. For use with the Sundstrom Full Face Mask & Half Masks.
  13. Sundstrom Storage box SR 230

    Sundstrom Storage box SR 230SR 230 is used for storing Sundström half masks and filters.The box protects the equipment against dirt and physical damage. Code H09-3012 SR 230Price £ 9.50 ex Vat
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