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Asbestos Masks and Equipment

Asbestos Masks & Respirator

The range of asbestos face mask have been specially selected to provide the correct protection from asbestos fibres. The Masks should also be worn with the correct asbestos coveralls which can be found in our asbestos protective clothing PPE Category. Full asbestos protection kits are also available. 

Asbestos Dust Mask & Asbestos Respirator

UN UK approved correct grade asbestos bags and tape are available as 100 asbestos bags, 50 Asbestos Bags, or as 25 asbestos bag selected as either red or clear combinations.


All asbestos waste must be double bagged and taped securley with the asbestos waste first placed in a red bag & secured and then double bagged and secured using the clear Asbestos bags & Taped.

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  1. JSP Force 8 Half Mask & P3 Press to Check Particulate Protection

    JSP Force 8 Half Mask with Typhoon Valve & Press To Check P3 Cartridges offers superior low breathing resistance and a 4-point suspension harness with quick release buckles. The mask is made with a durable thermoplastic rubber offering a superior fit to most face shapes. The mask accepts the full range of low profile Force 8 filters giving the Force 8 the flexibility to be used for many applications, providing filtering protection against particulates, many gases and vapours. Price £ 21.50 Ex VAT


  2. HY9632 Moulded FFP3 Dust Mask (Pack 10)

    One our top selling dolomite tested FFP3 Masks , with inner seal for excellent face fitting. Dolomite loaded to stop clogging in the dustiest environments ensuring comfort & low breathing resistance.  Excellent for Asbestos work or other environments with dangerous hazards.


  3. Eagle FFP3 Fold Flat Masks P391 (10 FFP3 Disposable Masks)

    Compact fold flat P3 dust mask with inner foam for comfort and improved face fit. Dolomite tested to ensure breathing comfort in the most dustiest environments.


  4. Sundstrom SR100 Half Mask & P3 Filter

    Sundstrom SR100 half mask (Inc P3 Filter) is made of silicone with each mask equipped with two exhalation valves, which ensure very low exhalation resistance. Valve covers with baffles effectively protect the exhalation membrane against dust and paint mist. The easily adjustable elastic head harness of the mask is designed as a V-shaped loop and has a large, dished crown plate, which contributes towards a comfortable and secure fit. Tested in accordance with EN 140:1998. Nominal protection factor 50. P3 Filters included. Price £ 33.74 Ex Vat.


  5. FFP3 Respirator Mask X310SV (Pack 5)

    The FFP3 respirator mask X310SV (Pack 5) has an internal sealing foam lining to ensure that the mask provides an excellent fit for most face shapes. Valved for comfort and easily adjustable straps and nose clip for a good fit on even the smaller face.



  6. Drager 3300 & A2P3 Protective Mask

    The Drager half mask with encapsulated A2P3 filters ensure protection both from organic fumes as well as fine particulates & Aerosols P3 (FFP3 Protection). This combination is reusable mask & A2P3 Filter.
  7. Sundstrom SR200 Respirator

    Sundström SR200 Respirator with Polycarbonate Visor

    The SR200 can be used with the full range of Sundstrom filters or as breathing apparatus with a continuous air flow using a recommended compressed air attachment. The Full Face Sundström mask provides maximum safety and breathing comfort, with a large, scratch-resistant polycarbonate visor allowing for an excellent field of vision, & special screen disk to prevent fogging.

  8. 3m 6000 Full Face Mask

    The 3M 6000 Series Full Face Mask is approved to EN 136 Class 1 Standards and is both well balanced and comfortable to wear.

    A full range of protective 3m Gas cartridges & particulate filters is available.  


  9. JSP Full Face Mask- Force 10 Full Face Mask

    The Force10 is a full face twin cartridge mask with Class 3 heavy duty filter connections. The completely clear panoramic visor maximises light levels within the mask giving optimum visibility. The lens also offers impact protection and has anti-mist and anti-scratch coating as standard. The mask offers superior comfort with its 5-point suspension harness and quick release buckles, making it easy to adjust. The mask moulds to the shape of the face for an excellent seal, and is also padded for extra comfort over prolonged use.

  10. Asbestos Bags (100 Red/Clear Mix)

    Asbestos Waste Bags 100 Red/ Clear Mix 900mm x 1200mm H/duty Asbestos Bags. UN Certified UK Legislated for Asbestos Waste removal. Available in both red and clear. Available to purchase as : Individual Asbestos Bags ~ £ 1.75 , Packs 25 Asbestos Bags ~ £ 21.25 ,Packs 50 Asbestos Bags ~ £ 35, Pack 100 Asbestos Bags £ 55
    As low as £55.00
  11. 3m Aura 9332+ (FFP3 mask with Valve Pack 5)

    The ever popular 3m Aura 9332+ 3m FFP3 Mask (Pack 5), provide comfortable p3 protection with low breathing resistance. A market leading FFP3 Dust Mask from 3M.


  12. Asbestos Warning Tape (50mmx60mm)

    Asbestos Warning Tape (50mmx60m)
  13. Asbestos Bags (50 Pack)

    50 Pack 30kg Heavy Duty Asbestos Bags 900mm x 1200mm.  Council approved UN Certified UN 2212 2590 asbestos disposal bags available in required red & clear bag colours.


    As low as £35.00
  14. Asbestos Bags Individual

    900mm x 1200mm H/duty asbestos bags. UN Certified UK Legislated for Asbtesos Waste removal. Available in both red and clearAvailable to purchase as : Individual Asbestos Bags ~ £ 1.75 , Packs 25 Asbestos Bags ~ £ 21.25 ,Packs 50 Asbestos Bags ~ £ 35, Pack 100 Asbestos Bags £ 55
    As low as £1.75
  15. Asbestos Bags (25 Pack)

    25 Pack Asbestos Waste Bags. Heavy Duty 900mm x 1200mm.
    UN Certified UK Legislated for Safe Asbestos Waste removal. Available as both red asbestos bags and clear asbestos waste bags.
    As low as £21.25
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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What Asbestos PPE should be worn when removing asbestos materials?

The correct Asbestos PPE should be worn when removing asbestos materials, this includes FFP3 Masks, Cat 3 Type 5/6 coveralls, Overboots, goggles & gloves. (Asbestos Kit)

Once the asbestos waste has been removed and at the end of the job, please ensure that all Asbestos PPE is removed and also placed with the certified asbestos bags to prevent the spread of asbestos fibres.

02. What Asbestos kit is required to safely remove asbestos?

It is important that the correct asbestos kit is worn when handling asbestos to ensure that there is no exposure to asbestos fibres.

1. FFP3 masks (Either disposable mask or reusable mask with a P3 (FFP3) filter

2. Cat 3 type 5/6 coveralls

3. Goggles

4. Gloves

5. Overboots

All asbestos PPE must be correctly disposed of double-bagged in the UN certified asbestos bags (Red into clear) & sealed.

03. What is the correct grade of coveralls needed for Asbestos removals?

Coveralls range from basic which stop your clothing from getting dirty to full anti biohazard coveralls used in the most dangerous of situations.

The correct protective grade for Asbestos coveralls is the Cat 3 Type 5/6 Coveralls. These are available in SMS material (Trilaminate fabric) which protect against fluid & particulate penetration as well as microporous which not also prevents liquid molecules from entering but allows water vapour to permeate outwards. Both the SMS & Microporous Cat 3 Type 5/6 coveralls vary in gram weight, the microporous coveralls tend to be harder wearing. Please be aware that cheap thin versions of either are commonplace which will easily split putting the wearer in danger.

Certification type 5: EN ISO 13982-1 :2004+A1 :2009 type 6 EN 13034:2005 +A1 : 2009

04. What asbestos equipment do I need to remove household asbestos?

To remove any household asbestos such as asbestos tiles, lagging or asbestos infill you must ensure that you have the proper asbestos equipment & asbestos protective clothing to ensure full safety. The proper asbestos kit to include Asbestos masks (FFP3 Grade) , Cat3 Type 5/ 6 Coveralls, Overboots, goggles & gloves must be worn as well as UN certified asbestos bags red & clear & tape for the asbestos waste.


05. How do I dispose of Household Asbestos Waste?

Asbestos is classified as a hazardous waste however can be taken to the council’s waste & recycling centres & certain councils provide a free collection service for asbestos sheets and bagged asbestos waste. Please ensure that the correct Asbestos PPE is worn & the correct Asbestos waste bags are used.

06. What is the correct grade of mask required for Asbestos?

All masks used for unlicenced Asbestos work must be FFP3 (P3) grade protection with an APF x20. These masks can be either FFP3 disposable masks or reusable masks with the correct P3 filter. Full face masks offer enhanced 40x APF protection.

07. What eye protection needs to be worn for asbestos removal?

Closed eyewear such as goggles should be worn rather than open safety spectacles. Full face masks provide full facial protection as well as enhanced protection against asbestos fibres.