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FFP2 Masks

FFP2 Dust Masks & Respirators

FFP2 masks & Respirators EN149:2001 are classified as providing an FFP2 level of protection based on their filtering ability under lab conditions. An FFP2 face mask provides a 94% filtering efficiency with a total inward leakage at 8% & providing protection against medium-level toxic particulates & aerosols.

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  1. P200 FFP2 Dust masks
    P200 FFP2 Dust Masks (Pack 20)

    P200 FFP2 Dust Respirator. Pack 20 Non-valved FFP2 moulded masks. EN Certified for use in concentrations of contaminants up to 10 times WEL. (10x APF)


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  2. P201 FFP2 Mask
    P201 FFP2 Masks (10 Pack)
    The P201 Portwest FFP2 disposable mask is high quality from the trusted Portwest range and comfortable with an exhalation valve for extra comfort. This dust mask is P2 rated and will protect you from fine dusts, water mists and fumes in concentrations of contaminants up to 10 times the WEL. Box Quantity: 10 Masks Learn More
  3. FFP2 Odour Protective Mask
    FFP2 Odour Protective Mask
    CE-Cat III activated charcoal layer to absorb nuisance odours, organic vapours & welding fumes. Additional dolomite testing ensures lower breathing resistance and longer-lasting filter performance. Can be worn for long periods. Learn More
  4. 421 Dust Mask
    Springfit Dust Mask FFP2 421
    The Springfit range of dust masks have an internal spring frame guaranteeing the mask keeps it shape absorbing facial movements ensuring a secure fit & seal. The Low profile shape makes it very compatibility with PPE such as eyewear. MDF Protection Learn More
  5. springfit disposable dust mask fibre glass protection
    Springfit Disposable Dust Mask FFP2 425ML
    80% of 100

    The Springfit disposable P2 dust mask with a spring endoskeleton ensures a secure face fit when moving & the Typhoon valve reduces breathing resistance and moisture build-up. The low profile offers an improved field of vision & exceptional compatibility with eyewear PPE.  The JSP Springfit is a very popular JSP mask.


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  6. Portwest P251 FFP2 Valved Dust Mist Flat Respirator
    Portwest P251 FFP2 Valved Dust Mist Flat Respirator - 20 Box
    The Portwest P251 FFP2 valved respirator is P2 rated so effectively protects from fine dust, water mists and fumes, whilst offering the same quality, at the same great value of the popular P201 dust mask! The P251 can be used in concentrations of contaminants up to 10 times the WEL. Learn More
  7. 3m 9322+ Aura FFP2 Disposable Dust Mask
    3M 9322+ Aura FFP2 Disposable Dust Masks Box 10

    3M 9322+ Aura masks provide respiratory protection against moderate levels of fine dusts and mists. The 3M FFP2 has a comfortable 3-panel design with low breathing resistance & the 3M cool-flow valve removes heat build-up. A bestselling 3M P2 Mask.

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  8. Ultimate FFP2 Disposable Dust Mask
    Ultimate Valved Fold Flat Disposable FFP2 Masks - Pack of 10 - (UCI-UCF-P2V)
    Ultimate Valved Fold Flat Disposable FFP2 Masks - Pack of 10 - (UCI-UCF-P2V). UK certified Adjustable nose bridge and soft flexible face seal. Extra-wide adjustable elastic straps ensure a secure fit. One of our best-selling budget FFP2 disposable masks. Learn More
  9. Moldex 2405 FFP2 Masks (Valved) (Pack 20 masks)
    Moldex 2405 Valved FFP2 Dust Respirator (Pack 20 Masks)

    The Moldex 2405 Disposable FFP2 Dust mask is a classic, durable shape with a loop head strap & Actiform seal adjusting to different face shapes. (Pack size 20 masks)



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  10. Moldex 2400 Dust Mask
    Moldex 2400 FFP2 Mask (Pack 20) Classic FFP2 Masks

    Moldex 2400 FFP2 Mask Strong & DurableNo Need for nose clipsLoop strap for easy applicationDuramesh for optimum shape retention & durabilityActiForm seal automatically adjusts to different face shapes.


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  11. Moldex 2445 Valved FFP2 Masks (Pack 10) Ozone & Welding Fumes
    Moldex 2445 Valved FFP2 Masks (Pack 10) Ozone & Welding Fumes
    Moldex 2445 FFP2 NR D Box 10 Masks Ozone & Welding FumesThe Moldex 2445 provides Ozone & Welding Fume Protection. The active carbon layer in the filter material offers relief from low levels of gases and vapours, often found in conjunction with particulate hazards giving extra protection against ozone up to 10 x MAC, e.g. welding fumes from all electric welding technologies such as MIG/ MAG, WIG and plasma as well as laser treatment technologies. Learn More
  12. 3m Aura 9320+ Dust Mask
    3M Aura 9320+ FFP2 Dust/Mist Respirator - 20 Box
    >The popular 3M Aura 9320+ respirator is rated at FFP2 is ideal for working with dust and mists with its unique 3-panel design. (20 masks) Learn More
  13. 3m 8810 FFP2 Dust Mask
    3M 8810 FFP2 Dust/Mist Respirator - 20 Box
    The 3M 8810 Dust Mask Respirator features a cup shape for optimal comfort. Rated at FFP2, this mask is designed to provide excellent protection against fine dusts, and water and oil based mists. Learn More
  14. 3m 8822 FFP2 Respirator
    3M 8822 FFP2 Respirator / Mist Respirator - 10 Box

    The moulded 3M mask, the 3M 8822 is an excellent all-round P2 Mask with a collapse resistant shell that will protect you when exposed to fine dust, fibres and water/oil based mists.

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  15. JSP Force 8 Half Mask & P2 Particulate Protection
    JSP Force 8 Half Mask & P2 Particulate Protection

    JSP Force 8 Half Mask with Typhoon Valve & replaceable P2 filters Included. The twin cartridge half mask offers superior low breathing resistance and a 4-point suspension harness with quick-release buckles. The mask is made with a durable thermoplastic rubber providing a superior fit to most face shapes. The mask accepts the full range of low profile Force8 filters giving the Force8 the flexibility to be used for many applications, providing filtering protection against particulates, many gases and vapours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

01: What is the difference between N95 & FFP2 Masks?

N95 is an American safety standard (NIOSH) and the equivalent of the UK safety standard FFP2 mask. Only masks that have passed safety tests for the UK & stamped as FFP2 are allowed to be sold in the UK.

02: What are FFP2 Masks?

FFP2 is the UK & European protective standard with FFP2 protective masks providing protection against slightly toxic particulates or aerosols. These are available in two types, as either disposable FFP2 dust masks or reusable half masks with P2 filters. FFP2 provides a minimum filtration level of 94% with an APF Value 10. (APF Assigned Protection Factor)

03: What size particulates will FFP2 Respirator Masks protect against?

P2 masks will protect against particles between 2-5 microns in size such as cement dust, coarse clay dust as well as mould & mould spores for example.

04: What are FFP2 Face masks suitable for?

These provide protection for slightly toxic dust & aerosols such as grinding & cutting, softwood dust, welding, milling, coal, powdered pesticides & grain dust.

Applications may include sanding of softwood, metal drilling, plaster, composite materials, milling.

If a higher level of protection is required an FFP3 mask should be selected.

05: What is the difference in protection between FFP2 & FFP3 masks?

FFP2 (P2) is the mid-range protective level for protection against slightly toxic materials and protect against larger particle sizes between 2-5 microns & have an APF 10.

FFP3 masks provide the highest protective level available for respiratory masks in the UK & filter at least 99% of particles from 0.3 microns in size upwards & an APF 20.

06: Do FFP2 Masks protect against viruses?

Due to the very small size of the virus, a level of protection (APF 10) will be provided however a higher protective mask such as the FFP3 mask (APF 20) that is able to filter against smaller particle sizes (0.3 microns) is the recommended as the correct protection against viruses.

07: What are the best FFP2 masks available?

FFP2 is the standard of protection for respiratory masks & is available as either FFP2 disposable dust masks or as reusable half masks with P2 filters. There is no difference in protection between both types of face masks however an FFP2 dust mask will be lighter to wear on the face & a reusable mask has the flexibility to also combine filters to protect against fumes. FFP2 Dust masks are single-use so are disposed of after a single shift. A half mask with a P2 filter is reusable.

08: What are Reusable FFP2 masks?

Reusable FFP2 protective masks are available as a half mask (EN140) or a Full Face Mask (EN136) with the appropriate P2 level filter. The P2 filter will keep all fibers that have been filtered within the filter unit & just require changing when breathing resistance is encountered.

09: What examples of jobs would use an FFP2 Respirator?

Any job requiring the highest level of protection would require a P2 mask. Examples of jobs requiring FFP2 dust masks include Construction, demolition, metalworking & trades.

09: What is the difference between KN95 & FFP2?

KN95 is a Chinese standard & is not a safety standard recognized in the UK. It is illegal for KN95 masks to be sold in the UK. FFP2 is the UK & European safety standard and only masks that have passed the required safety tests can be marked as FFP2. If any FFP2 Face masks do not pass the UK & European standards they are illegal to be sold and will not provide the required protection.

10: How do you put on an FFP2 mask?

  • Ensure hands are clean with soap & water
  • Place the mask on the face & ensure that the nose & face are covered by the mask. Run the fingers down the side and bridge of the nose to mould to the nose
  • Try not to keep touching the mask so that infected particles are not spread to the hands and face
  • Replace the mask when it becomes damp/moist after an 8hr session.

11: How Long can you wear an FFP2 Face Mask?

P2 face masks could be worn for an 8hr session providing full FFP2 protection of 10 APF, however, it is recommended that breaks are taken hourly.  The mask should be replaced if breathing becomes more difficult, the mask is damaged, or the mask is too damp.

12: Can you clean or wash an FFP2 face mask?

Disposable masks have not been tested to be cleaned with disinfectant or washed & are non-reusable. NR stands for non-reusable. Half masks with P2 filters are reusable & can be decontaminated.