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Disposable Masks

Disposable Dust Masks & Respirators

Our disposable protective face masks are designed for single time use offering protection from all kinds of air particles that can be inhaled at the industrial work environment. Be it lead, asbestos, industrial dust, MDF, or, silica, these high quality, tear-resistant, disposable protective face masks protect you and your workers from inhaling these carcinogenic elements that can also cause respiratory disorders. Our disposable dust masks, that come with filters made of electrostatic filter material are must buy for the safety of your workers. These are easy to wear with comfortable elastic head straps & can be worn for upto 8 hrs. As a single use product, their use and throw feature make them more hygienic ensuring no cross contamination can occur, and hence these dust masks are popular in dangerous environments.

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  1. FFP2 Odour Protective Mask

    CE-Cat III activated charcoal layer to absorb nuisance odours, organic vapours & welding fumes. Additional dolomite testing ensures lower breathing resistance and longer-lasting filter performance. Can be worn for long periods.
  2. Non Valved FFP3 Mask (Individual) (HY9330)

    The non valved FFP3 mask is used by many UK NHS Trusts. Individually sealed, the fold flat mask is a 3-panel design allowing excellent movement whilst providing the highest FFP3 protection. One of the best antiviral face masks.

  3. Fold Flat FFP3 Individually Wrapped Mask

    One of our most popular FFP3 dust masks. Great wearer comfort with valve to reduce build up to allow wearing for long periods (Minimum 5 units). A light comfortable mask to protect against mould.
  4. FFP3 NR Fold Flat with Valve (UCF3V) (Individual)

    This valved FFP3 fold flat mask is both light and comfortable with a tri-fold design offering the highest level of p3 protection. (minimum order 4)

  5. 3M 9332+ P3 Foldable Valved Respirator Mask - Box of 10 (9332)

    3M Aura Flat-Fold Valved Particulate Respirator (9332) 3M 9300+ series has an advanced three-panel design making it easier to breathe through. Optimum comfort ensuring improved wearer acceptance during long work hours.  As a foldable mask they offer you more convenience than traditional cup shaped P3 respirator. (Box 10 Valved Fold Flat Face Masks)

  6. Ultimate Valved Fold Flat Disposable FFP3 Masks - Pack of 10 - (UCI-UCF-P3V)

    Ultimate Valved Fold Flat Disposable FFP3 Masks - Pack of 10 - (UCI-UCF-P3V) Fully UK certified to EN149:2001 +A1:2009. Adjustable nose bridge and soft flexible face seal-ensure a secure fit. Virus, Mould Spore, Asbestos Protection.


  7. HY9632 Moulded FFP3 Dust Mask (Pack 10)

    One our top selling dolomite tested FFP3 Masks , with inner seal for excellent face fitting. Dolomite loaded to stop clogging in the dustiest environments ensuring comfort & low breathing resistance.  Excellent for Asbestos work or other environments with dangerous hazards.


  8. Eagle FFP3 Fold Flat Masks P391 (10 FFP3 Disposable Masks)

    Compact fold flat P3 dust mask with inner foam for comfort and improved face fit. Dolomite tested to ensure breathing comfort in the most dustiest environments.


  9. 3m Aura 9332+ (FFP3 mask with Valve Pack 5)

    The ever popular 3m Aura 9332+ 3m FFP3 Mask (Pack 5), provide comfortable p3 protection with low breathing resistance. A market leading FFP3 Dust Mask from 3M.


  10. FFP3 Respirator Mask X310SV (Pack 5)

    The FFP3 respirator mask X310SV (Pack 5) has an internal sealing foam lining to ensure that the mask provides an excellent fit for most face shapes. Valved for comfort and easily adjustable straps and nose clip for a good fit on even the smaller face.



  11. Moulded FFP3 (Pack 5)

    A popular Alpha Solway mask with a moulded design providing FFP3 protection whilst also providing comfort during long periods of use. Contoured facial seal with adjustable head straps. PACK 5 Masks.
  12. 3m 9322+ Aura P2 Mask (5 Masks)

    The very popular Aura 9322+ respirator provides protection against moderately toxic dust (APF 10). Low profile 3-panel design with excellent low breathing resistance & comfort utilizing the 3M cool-flow valve to ensure comfort in hot & humid conditions. Each 3M P2 mask is individually packaged for hygiene, has a soft inner seal for comfort against the skin & even tensioned straps for secure fitting

  13. 3M 9322+ Aura FFP2 Disposable Dust Masks Box 10

    3M 9322+ Aura masks provide respiratory protection against moderate levels of fine dusts and mists. The 3M FFP2 has a comfortable 3-panel design with low breathing resistance & the 3M cool-flow valve removes heat build-up. A bestselling 3M P2 Mask.

  14. P200 FFP2 Dust Masks (Pack 20)

    P200 FFP2 Dust Respirator. Pack 20 Non-valved FFP2 moulded masks. EN Certified for use in concentrations of contaminants up to 10 times WEL. (10x APF)


  15. P201 FFP2 Masks (10 Pack)

    The P201 Portwest FFP2 disposable mask is high quality from the trusted Portwest range and comfortable with an exhalation valve for extra comfort. This dust mask is P2 rated and will protect you from fine dusts, water mists and fumes in concentrations of contaminants up to 10 times the WEL. Box Quantity: 10 Masks
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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can you ever wash disposable masks?

It is recommended to not reuse the disposable masks after it has been used for the suggested period. The WHO advises to remove and replace the disposable masks once it has become damp. Hence washing is also not recommended since it must not be reused. Also, you may refer to guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

02. Should I wear a disposable mask for appointments at the clinic, hospitals or dentists, or when visiting a pharmacy?

As per WHO, masks may be necessary during clinic or hospital visits, only if you are taking care of an infected patient. Also, you may wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing to avoid infection spread. Wearing a mask may be effective only when combined with frequent hand wash or sanitizing hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

03. Are disposable respirator masks much better than surgical masks?

A respirator mask reduces the person’s respiratory exposure to contaminants present in the air such as gasses or particles. A surgical mask is generally suitable to prevent the spread of infection through the wearer’s saliva or mucous. Hence, a respirator or surgical mask may be picked as per the requirement. Please note that a respirator mask generally comes with an approval rating whereas surgical masks do not have this rating.

04. Will disposable mask protect me from getting COVID-19?

Though a disposable mask is suggested for protection against COVID -19, it must be used in combination with other measures for complete protection. Other measures include frequent hand wash or using sanitizer whenever interacting from the outside world and following social distancing. Only using a mask cannot provide full protection.

05. Do I need a disposable mask if I’m walking or running in the open air?

It may not be required probably but will not do any harm also. Wearing a mask will also encourage other people to wear one too. Hence, you may consider wearing it while walking or running to take precautions at your end.

06. What type of Mask is best for Coronavirus?

A filtering facepiece classified as FFP3 is the most effective against coronavirus. Crafted from synthetic fibre, a well-fitted FFP3 mask has the potential to protect against inward leakage and capture very fine toxic particles. It also includes an exhalation valve that releases air, to prevent heat and moisture build-up. The mask combined with social distancing and frequent hand washing can offer optimal protection against potential virus transmission.

07. What are the safety standards for disposable masks?

Disposable masks are required to achieve the safety standard EN 149:2001 +A1:2009 which are achieved in laboratory tests to check the conformity with resistance to impacts, cleansers, flame and respirator resistance.

Disposable masks may also have codes associated with them such as NPF, APF, TIL, TLV & Dolomite tested.

08. What is a Dolomite Tested dust mask ? (D)

Respirators that pass the dolomite test for clogging are proven to provide a more comfortable breathing level & longer lasting performance of filtration especially in very dusty conditions.

09. What are the different codes associated with disposable masks?

NPF: Nominal Protection Factor - The nominal level of protection given by the respiratory protective equipment (RPE) in laboratory conditions.

APF: Assigned Protection Factor – The level or protection which can realistically be expected in workplace conditions.

TIL: The level of contaminant concentration to which the user may be exposed without health effects.

TLV: Total inward leakage.

10. What is an N99 mask ?

The term N99 is an American standard and is not a standard legally allowed to be sold in the UK. The same equivalent standard in the UK is the FFP3 mask. Only masks that are marked with the FFP3 UK standard have passed the UK safety tests allowing the FFP3 masks to be sold in the UK.

11. What is an N95 mask ?

The term N95 s an American standard and is not legally allowed to be sold in the UK. The same equivalent standard in the UK is the FFP2 mask. Only masks that are marked with the FFP2 UK standard have passed the UK safety tests.

12. What Dust Masks are legally allowed to be sold in the UK?

The UK safety standards for masks that are legally allowed to be sold in the UK are FFP. The protective grades for disposable masks are FFP1, FFP2 & FFP3.

13. What is the difference in protection between FFP1, FFP2 & FFP3 masks?

The lowest protective grade for disposable masks is FFP1 with 80% filtration. These filter out larger particulates only protecting from non toxic dusts and water based aerosols. They provide a NPF protection level 4.5 TLV with an APF 4x TLV. FFP2 masks protect from slightly toxic or irritating solid aerosols & liquids at 94% filtration offering an APF 10x TLV. The highest grade of protection offered by a disposable mask if the FFP3 mask. These provide 98% particulate filtration with an APF 20 x TLV.

14. What substances do FFP1 masks provide protection ?

FFP1 masks provide 80% filtration for non toxic dust such as flour, graphite, cotton & chalk etc. Applications may include handling of stone, rubble.

15. What substances do FFP2 masks provide protection ?

FFP2 masks provide 94% filtration for slightly toxic dust & aerosols such as grinding & cutting, softwood dust, welding, milling, coal, powdered pesticides & grain dust.

Applications may include sanding of soft wood, metal drilling, plaster, composite materials, milling.

16. What substances do FFP3 masks provide protection ?

FFP3 masks provide 99% filtration for toxic dust/aerosols such as asbestos, powdered pesticides, hard wood dusts, lead, chromium & lime.

Applications may include non-licenced asbestos work, biological, pharmaceuticals, paint stripping, handling/drilling cement.

PROTECTION Protects from toxic solid aerosols & dusts Protects from slightly toxic or irritating solid aerosols/liquids Protects from non toxic dust 7 water based aerosols
APPLICATIONS Asbestos, aerosol procedures, sanding Sanding soft wood, metal drilling Handling of stone, rubble
SUBSTANCES Asbestos, hard wood, lead, silica viruses Untreated soft wood, glass fibre, powdered pesticides, grain dust Flour, cotton dusts, graphite
% MIN FILTRATION 99% 94% 80%