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Full Face Masks

Get Branded Full Face Dust Masks & Respirators

We stock a range of the main branded Full Face Masks such as the JSP Force 10 Full Face Respirator that utilises the award winning press to check filters, the Moldex 9000 Full Face Mask, which is one of the most advanced respirators available that is both ultra lightweight & uses the easylock filter system & finally the ever popular 3M 6000 Series Full Face Mask with great visibility.


Exclusive Range of High Quality Full Face Mask

The full range of gas & particulate filters are available whatever your need for all of the full face dust mask.  There is also an explanation of the different protection offered for each filter.


Full Face Respirator Mask

If you require a half mask respirator we have a large selection or a disposable dust mask, please look within the relevant category. 

The full face respirator masks are sold without filters unless otherwise stated. All masks and filters are held in stock for next day delivery.

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  1. Respirator Face Mask Antisesptic Cleaning Wipes (50 Pack)

    Antiseptic wipes are you to clean and disinfect respirator face masks. Will not dry out even after long periods of storage in warm conditions.(SR5226) Antiseptic wipe Individually foil wrappedComplies with current regulations requiring cleaning of non-disposable respiratory equipment after use.Supplied in packs of 50.

  2. 3m 6000 Full Face Mask

    The 3M 6000 Series Full Face Mask is approved to EN 136 Class 1 Standards and is both well balanced and comfortable to wear.

    A full range of protective 3m Gas cartridges & particulate filters are available.  


  3. Sundstrom SR200 Full Face Mask

    Sundström SR200 Full Face Mask with Polycarbonate Visor

    The Full Face Mask can be used with the full range of Sundstrom filters or as breathing apparatus with a continuous air flow using a recommended compressed air attachment. The Sundström SR200 full face mask provides maximum safety and breathing comfort, with a large, scratch-resistant polycarbonate visor allowing for an excellent field of vision, & special screen disk to prevent fogging.

  4. Moldex - Full Face Mask Respirator Moldex 9000 Series

    Extremely lightweight full face mask weighs only 360g. Frameless panoramic lensFulfills the high requirements of class 2 Mask body made of soft, TPE material which is gentle on the skin. Easy access, easy to remove. Easy maintenance and cleaning without toolsTested and certified to EN 136:1998 CL2.

    Currently out of stock.  An excellent alternative available now is the JSP Force 10 

  5. JSP Full Face Mask- Force 10 Full Face Mask

    The Force10 is a full face twin cartridge mask with Class 3 heavy duty filter connections. The completely clear panoramic visor maximises light levels within the mask giving optimum visibility. The lens also offers impact protection and has anti-mist and anti-scratch coating as standard. The mask offers superior comfort with its 5-point suspension harness and quick release buckles, making it easy to adjust. The mask moulds to the shape of the face for an excellent seal, and is also padded for extra comfort over prolonged use.

  6. Series 9000 ABEK1P3 Ready Pack

    This ready pack comprises a preassembled 9000 series full face mask with ABEK1P3 filters contained within an aluminium bag to elongate the shelf-life. The filter protects against organic gases and vapours, inorganic gases and vapours, acid gases and ammonia, radioactive particles, highly toxic metals, hardwood, airborne biological substances and enzymes based on water and oil.
  7. Sundstrom SR 77-3-M Chemical & Smoke Escape Hood

    Sundstrom SR 77-3-M Chemical & Smoke Escape Hood (Code: H05-3512)Approved to: EN 403:2004 M/S, EN 14387:2004 + A1:2008.The Sundstrom SR 77-3 Escape Hood is a filtering respiratory protective device combined with a hood for self-rescue in the event of a fire or a chemical emission accident. The hood is based on a Sundström silicone half mask, which is mounted in a hood made of flame-resistant material. The hood can be put on quickly and simply without prior adjustment, fitting most adults and teenagers. The SR 77-3 M is approved for stationary storage and as a portable escape hood. The SR 77-3 M is vacuum-packed in an aluminium bag and delivered in a contingency bag made of nylon and designed for mounting on a belt.Price: £ 157 ex vat

  8. Moldex 9000 Face Shield Protectors

    Moldex 9000 Face Shield Protectors (9993) (Pack 15 Face Shields per bag) (9993)
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Frequently Asked Questions

01: What is a full-face mask?

Full face respirator masks cover the full face & provide protection from hazardous particles, gases as well as providing protection for the eyes with a panoramic protective screen. A Full Face mask with filters will protect against highly toxic hazards including fumes & fine toxic dusts.

02: What safety standards are there for Full Face Dust Masks?

In the UK, Full Face Masks are classified to the EN136 standard and used in negative pressure systems. There are 3 classes of Full Face Respirators:

Class 1 – Light duty

Class 2 – General duty

Class 3 – Heavy duty protection

03: Do Full Face Masks provide a higher level of protection than half face masks?

Full Face masks provide protection for the whole face including the eyes and mouth and are recommended for very dusty environments. The correct mask filters (Gas/Particulate filters) need to be selected depending on the hazard encountered however P3 filters provide an increased protection level APF 40 when used with a full face mask respirator.

04: Do I require a face fit test for a Full Face Mask / Full Face RPE ?

Personnel that use Full Face Dust Mask Respirators are required to have passed a face fit test. This face fit test must be quantitative only as per HSE recommendations. Qualitative face fit tests cannot be used.

05: Can I wear a Full Face Mask if I have a beard?

This is dependent on the degree of growth. Limited growth would be fine with a non powered Full Face Respirator as long as there is no beard growth where the mask seals around the face. An enclosed powered air system is recommended as a specific Full Face mask for beards.

06: What filters are required for Full Face Masks?

The mask filters required are dependent on the hazard encountered. These maybe gas & vapour filters or particulate.

A Organic fumes

B Inorganic fumes

E Sulphur Dioxide

K Ammonia Green

P Particle White

The full range of Full Face Mask filters can be found in our filter section.