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3m Masks

Wide Range of 3M Face Masks and Respirators

3M is a science-based company that utilises the latest technology to meet the world’s ever-growing challenges. They have been committed to improving lives through their tech-induced products and helping people stay safe, especially for those requiring additional protection from air-borne diseases. The company offers a full range of CE-approved 3M face masks that help protect against the minutest air particulates, fumes and airborne pathogens.


3M’s face mask range includes the full protective offering of both reusable mask such as the half mask, Full face mask & power air units as well as the full range of disposable face masks, including the 3M dust mask, respirators, FFP3 masks, FFP1 masks, and FFP2 masks in both valved and non-valved options.

Key Features Include:

  • Market leading brand for respiratory protection.
  • The latest filtration media for protection and comfort.
  • Worldwide approved approved face masks that meet the latest CE, NIOSH & CDC safety guidelines.
  • Zero components manufactured from natural rubber latex.
  • Manufactured for durability. Comfort & high performance.
  • 3M disposable masks feature a collapse-resistant design & foam-cushioned adjustable noseclips, cool flow valves to allow comfort & a perfect fit the face.
  • Health & Safety specialists.


Protective masks direct is a leading supplier of 3M masks in the UK, providing only authentic products with full traceability & provenance procured directly from the manufacturer. We care about your health and thus ensure that you get only the best quality products at highly affordable prices. Please browse through our catalog or get in touch to place a bulk order.

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  1. 3m 9330+
    3m Aura 9330+ (Pack 5)

    The 3m 9330+ (Pack 5 FFP3 Non-Valved Fold Flat Masks) are one the the most popular 3m Aura masks.  Well made and strong.  An excellent face fit.  A very popular antiviral face mask.

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  2. 3m Aura 9332 FFP3 face mask
    3m Aura 9332+ (FFP3 mask with Valve Pack 5)
    100% of 100

    The ever popular 3m Aura 9332+ 3m FFP3 Mask (Pack 5), provide comfortable p3 protection with low breathing resistance. A market leading FFP3 Dust Mask from 3M.


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  3. 3M 7500 Half Mask
    3M 7500 Half Mask

    The 3M 7500 half-mask is reusable, durable, and comfortable, due to its silicone design, making it ideal for individuals requiring a mask for long periods. The integrated Cool Flow™ valve minimises moisture and heat build-up. This product is compatible with all the 3M™ series filters.


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  4. 3M 4279 Half Mask ABEK1 P3
    3M 4279 Half Mask
    The 3M 4279 half-mask protects from organic gases, vapours, particulates and acid gases. It is a hugely popular product due to its single-piece design, maintenance-free and simple-to-use design. A central valve ensures users do not become too hot and minimises breathing resistance. Learn More
  5. 3M 4277 Respirator | Half Mask ABE1 P3
    3M 4277 Respirator
    The 3M 4277 half-mask protects against acid gases, vapours and particulates. The innovative single-piece design ensures this product is comfortable and very simple to use. Integration of the central valve reduces breathing resistance and ensures the mask-user does not get too hot. Learn More
  6. 3M 4251 Masks | Half Face Mask
    3M 4251 Half Mask Respirator
    The comfortable and lightweight 3M 4251 half mask offers A1 P2 protection against particulate hazards and organic vapours, whilst requiring no additional parts or maintenance. Suitable for work involving paints, solvents and adhesives. Learn More
  7. 3m TR-315 Powered Air Unit
    3M Versaflo TR-315 Powered Air Starter Kit

    The 3m Versaflo TR-315 Powered air starter kit has everything you need for comfortable protection against hazardous materials. Delivering 160 litres of air per minute with a run time of 10-12 hrs


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  8. 3m 6000 Series Mask - Half Face Respirator Masks
    3M 6000 Series Half Mask Respirator
    As low as £21.00

    The 3M 6000 Series Half Mask Respirator is very lightweight with a twin filter design for even weight distribution and can be used with a range of different protective filters.


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  9. 3m 6000 Full Face Mask
    3m 6000 Full Face Mask
    As low as £101.67

    The 3M 6000 Series Full Face Mask is approved to EN 136 Class 1 Standards and is both well-balanced and comfortable to wear.

    A full range of protective 3m Gas cartridges & particulate filters is available.  


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  10. 3m 8710E Dust Mask
    3M 8710E FFP1 Dust/Mist Respirator - 20 Box
    The 3M 8710E dust mask respirator is rated FFP1 and provides excellent protection against low levels of fine dusts and mists. Learn More
  11. 3m 8812 dust mask
    3M 8812 FFP1 Valved Dust/Mist Respirator - 10 Box
    The 3M 8812 Dust Mask FFP1 Dust Respirator offers a supremely comfortable fit and excellent protection against low level dusts and mists Learn More
  12. 3m 8312 Dust Mask
    3M 8312 FFP1 Valved Dust/Mist Respirator - 10 Box

    A popular model in the 8000 series, the 3M 8312 FFP1 features an innovative cup shaped design for optimal comfort and excellent performance.

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  13. 3m Aura 9310+ Dust Mask
    3M Aura 9310+ FFP1 Dust/Mist Respirator - 20 Box
    80% of 100
    Providing the perfect combination of performance and comfort, the 3M Aura 9310+ respirator is ideal for use when exposed to low level dusts and mists. Learn More
  14. 3m Aura 9312+ Dust Mask
    3M Aura 9312+ FFP1 Valved Dust/Mist Respirator - 10 Box
    100% of 100
    The popular 3M Aura 9312+ valved respirator is flat folding and rated to FFP1, offering excellent protection against low level dusts and mists. Learn More
  15. 3m 8822 FFP2 Respirator
    3M 8822 FFP2 Respirator / Mist Respirator - 10 Box

    The moulded 3M mask, the 3M 8822 is an excellent all-round P2 Mask with a collapse resistant shell that will protect you when exposed to fine dust, fibres and water/oil based mists.

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