Asbestos Bags (25 Pack)

25 Pack Asbestos Waste Bags. Heavy Duty 900mm x 1200mm.
UN Certified UK Legislated for Safe Asbestos Waste removal. Available as both red asbestos bags and clear asbestos waste bags.
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Asbestos Waste Bags 25 Pack

Heavy Duty 30kg asbestos waste bags:  Size 900 x1200
UN Certified UK Legislated for safe council approved Asbestos Waste removal.
Available as both Red and Clear asbestos waste Bags.

Asbestos disposal & Waste Removal Bags are available to purchase as:

Individual, 25 Asbestos Bags, 50 Asbestos or 100 Asbestos waste bags.
All asbestos waste must be double bagged (Red inserted in the clear asbestos bag) & securely tied. 
Asbestos tape to secure is available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What Gauge are the Asbestos Bags?

Only poly sheeting is categorised in “Gauge” which must be over 1000g for the Asbestos Industry.

Asbestos removal bags must be UN certified and are classified according to the weight the bags would hold. This ranges from 10Kg bags which are cheaper, 20KG bags up to the heaviest duty Asbestos waste Bags at 30KG. It is important not to overfill the bags otherwise they could split. 30kg bags as they are less likely to split and expose dangerous asbestos fibres.

02. Are there different Asbestos Bags available?

Asbestos removal bags are classified based on the weight of asbestos waste that they can carry. The cheapest bags can only carry 10kg & the heaviest duty bags 30kg. The bags are 900 x 1200 in size however the thickness is based on the weight they have been designed to carry. Ie 30Kg will be thicker than a 20kg of a 10kg bag.

It is important to take care of what KG bag you are actually buying. Cheap asbestos bags will likely be low KG bags & will easily split.

It is advisable to use the heaviest duty 30kg asbestos bags as they are less likely to split from overloading and therefore less likely to expose you to dangerous asbestos fibres.

Asbestos removal bags also come in 2 different colours Red & Clear Asbestos bags. The red bag is slightly smaller than the clear bag. All waste needs to be double-bagged. The waste is placed in the red bag and then this should be placed in the clear bag along with any PPE and salad with tape.

03. What bags should I use for Asbestos Waste?

Only the correct UN Certified Asbestos bags legislated for use in the UK with full asbestos coding visible should be used. The Asbestos disposal bags come as both red and clear waste bags, with the red bag slightly small than the clear bag. The asbestos waste needs to be placed in the red bag being careful not to damage or break up the asbestos & then sealed. Do not overfill the bag, leave enough space to be able to seal with tape. You will then need to place the red bag and your PPE into the clear bag and seal properly again

N.B Always wear the correct Asbestos PPE when handling asbestos.

04. How to properly dispose of Household Asbestos?

Materia How to Contain The Asbestos Waste
Asbestos Waste- ie Asbestos Cement Garage Roof or shed Double bag in red/clear UN Certified 900x1200 bags-Dampen down any cement to stop fibres spreading
Asbestos insulation-ie infill panels and partitions Wet the insulation Double bag in red/clear UN Certified 900x1200 bags If insulation wrapped around pie dispose of whole pipe.
Asbestos Pipe-ie Cement Seal broken ends Double bag small pieces or fragments, dampen
Drywall Panels – ie Cement Double bag in UN certified 900x1200 30kg bags