Sundstrom SR 299-2 ABEK1HGP3 Filter

Full protection against Organic / inorganic fumes and acid gases, Ammonia, Mercury & the highest level of particulate & aerosol vapour protection. For use with the Sundstrom Full Face Mask & Half Masks.
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The SR 299-2 is a combination filter providing protection against Organic/ Inorganic vapours & Acid gases as well as Ammonia, Mercury & P3 fine dust Particulates.

  • Organic Vapours
  • Inorganic Vapours
  • Acid Gases
  • Ammonia
  • Mercury
  • P3 Particulates & Vapour

50hr Maximum time for protection against Mercury.  EN 14387:2004 Standard

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sundstrom filter selection guide: What Gas filters are required?

01. What filter Protect against Organic Vapours & Gases?

The SR 217 & SR 218 Organic filters provide protection against organic gases & vapours such as solvents with boiling points > 65C. The A2 filter (SR218) (SKU 280) has a higher saturation point (i.e., lasts longer) than the SR217 (A1 Filter).

02. Which filters Provide Protection against Ammonia & certain amines such as ethylene diamine?:

The gas filter SR 316 type K filter provides protection from ammonia gases and certain amines. Suitable for both the Sundstrom full face masks and half mask range. (SKU 317)

03. Which Filters are Required for Spray Painting?

The SR 217 or SR 218 Organic filter should be combined with the SR 510 P3R particulate filter (SKU 1059) for a combined protection. The SR 218 organic filter (SKU 280) provides a higher saturation point than the SR 217.

The SR Spray painting kit

(SKU 282) contains the Sundstrom 100 Half mask, SR 217 filter & the SR510 P3R filter for combined spray paint protection.

04. Which Mask Filters are Required High Pressure Washing?

Combining the SR 316 filter (Type K) with the Sundstrom FFP3 filter (SR510 P3 NR) (SKU 1059) will provide the correct protection for aerosols produced during high pressure washing.

05. What SR Filters Protects against organic & inorganic gases & vapours & acidic gases?

The SR 315 ABE filter (SKU 309) provides protection against organic, inorganic gases & vapours. The “A” protects against organic vapours such as solvents, The “B” protects against the organic vapours and gases such as chlorine, hydrogen sulphide & hydrogen cyanide. The “E” protects against acid gases & vapours. If aerosol is created the filter should be used in combination with the SR 510 P3R filter to provide combined ABE1P3 protection.

06. Which Sundstrom filters protect against organic & inorganic gases & vapours, ammonia, certain amines & acidic gases?

The SR 297 ABEK1 filter (SKU 279) provides the increased protection to the ABE filter with additional protection with “K” against ammonia & certain amines such as ethylene diamine.

Can be used with the SR 510 P3 R (P3 filter) for a combined protection for chemical spraying etc.

If you require the mask and filter as one unit the Sundstrom SR Chemical spray kit contains the ABEK1 P3 R filters & Sundstrom SR100 half mask.

07. What filter is required to protect against Mercury?

The SR 299-2 filter is a combination filter providing protection against the following hazardous gases & vapours. ABEK1-HG-P3R. The HG will provide protection against mercury. Maximum use time 50hrs. (SKU 281)

08. How do you correctly fit Sundstrom Filters?

  • Check that the correct filter has been selected for the contaminant and check the expiry date.
  • If using both gas and SR510 particulate P3 filters, click together so that the arrow on the filters point toward the user’s face.
  • Place the particle filter on top of the other & press hard until you hear the filters click together.
  • Check the edge of the filter is in the groove of the mounting & fit the filter to the mask with the arrows on the filters pointing toward the user’s face.

09. How do you correctly remove Sundstrom filters?

  • Remove the filters from the mask and locate the moulded tab on the gas filter.
  • Place a coin in the space between the lower lip and the small tab on the side of the gas filter & twist until the filters separate.