1. Selecting the Right Respirators and Dust Masks for Beards

    There will be an issue of inadequate protection for the workers with beards as far as the usage of tight-fitting respirators is concerned. Facial hair will compromise the security provided by the respirators and it restricts a good seal between the respirator and the face of the wearer.

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  2. Different Types of Dust Masks and Which one Should you Choose

    It’s extremely important to choose the right kind of protective wear when you’re present in any hazardous environment. The simple reason why it’s important is that the only protection between you and the hazard is your personal protective equipment (PPE).

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  3. Top 7 Pieces of Workplace Legislation

    A productive workplace is built upon the foundation of a safe workplace. This is the reason why workplace legislation holds so much importance. Every company should be aware of the legislation that applies to their business.

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  4. Importance of Hygiene in the Workplace

    The value of practicing hygiene can be very well understood by the quote of Meagan Francis, “Cleaning & organizing is a practice not a project”. Hygiene is important to practice in your day-to-day lives. We spend a large portion of our day at our workplace. So, workplace hygiene can impact our health.

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  5. What Is A P3 Mask?

    What Is A P3 Mask? One of the most important equipment of protective clothing are respirators and dust masks. Masks are the most commonly used personal protective equipment in an environment that imposes some airborne hazards. A wide range of industries like construction, pharmaceutical, and agriculture requires exposure to harmful chemicals and substances that’s why it’s necessary to use protective clothing. Read more »