1. A Buyer Guide to Spray Painting Mask in 2022

    a buyer guide to spray painting mask in 2022

    The weekend is the perfect time for millions of homeowners to paint their homes. Those who paint their homes do everything from the interior to the exterior. Those who paint their homes do everything from the interior to the exterior.

    Many people unfortunately are unaware of the potential dangers of fumes and pigments in paint and don't take the necessary precautions with spray masks and respirators. Paint masks are disposable after a few uses and prevent airborne particles from entering your lungs. They are small, cheap, and can be used again after a few uses. They can even reduce paint odors while they are worn. As a result of wearing a paint respirator, a person is protected from dust particles, microorganisms, fumes, vapors, and gases. A powered respirator provides a more effective way to protect the wearer.

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  2. A Guide to Respiratory Protective Equipment for Woodworking Projects

    Protective Equipment for Woodworking

    If you are someone who loves working with food, either as a volunteer enthusiast or as a professional, it is vital to ensure that you don't develop any respiratory diseases due to the nature of your work. While working on different projects, you get exposed to a lot of wood dust, fumes, chemicals and tiny particles that pose a threat to your respiratory system. These may also cause severe allergies, and sometimes, even cancer to those constantly being exposed to the toxins released while working with wood.

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  3. Best Face Masks To Protect When Flying

    best face masks to protect when flying

    There is a multitude of misleading information on the internet written by non-experts regarding mask protection when flying potentially putting vulnerable people requiring a higher level of respiratory protection such as the immunosuppressed or people with underlying health conditions at risk with unsubstantiated protective claims.

    We have been providing respiratory protection for businesses and government for over 18 years though the recent endemics & pandemics of the 21st century so from a position of authority our definitive guide will ensure that if you require high protection, you will be correctly protected.

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  4. A Comprehensive Guide for Pre-Checking FFP3 Disposable Face Masks

    a comprehensive guide for pre checking ffp3 disposable face masks

    Face masks or respirators are essential safety equipment in today’s date and age, especially to protect oneself from the deadly CoronaVirus. FFP3 and FFp2 (or N95) masks are considered to be the best in ensuring complete safety for the wearer, along with taking proper precautionary measures. However, simply wearing a mask is not enough, especially if you are headed into a hazardous environment.

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  5. Healthcare Research Shows FFP3 masks Reduce Covid 19 Infections

     Healthcare Research Shows FFP3 masks Reduce Covid 19 Infections.

    The research highlights the inadequacies of using the simple loose-fitting fluid resistant surgical masks more designed to prevent the transfer of liquids droplets (Loose fit/ gaps around the face) & the benefits of using FFP3 respirators that are close fitting masks with filtration material designed to filter the smallest of particulates & aerosols.

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