1. Important Factors while Purchasing Industrial Safety Masks and Protective Clothing

    Important Factors while Purchasing Industrial Safety Masks and Protective Clothing

    Covid-19 has shown us all how important it is to wear a mask. Harmful bacteria can be airborne, putting one's respiratory health at risk. In light of this fact, inhalation is the most prevalent route of exposure for many substances considered health hazards.

    Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in busy places like warehouses and construction sites is important to prevent unpredictable accidents and hazardous situations. Even though there are millions of workers who lack suitable equipment and kits and suffer from significant risk and exposure to various protection-related elements every year.

    As a result, you need to know what you can do to protect yourself, especially when choosing suitable protection equipment.

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  2. Industry Safety with a Disposable Biohazard Suit

    industry safety with a disposable biohazard suitA Hazmat suit, short for risky material suit, is an entire body piece of clothing intended to safeguard the wearer against perilous materials or substances. It is a type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is frequently utilized by firemen, crisis clinical groups, paramedics, scientists, staff answering harmful spills, experts tidying up tainted offices and laborers in poisonous conditions

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  3. Fall Protection Safety for Warehouse Workers

    fall protection safety for warehouse workers

    Warehouses are busy places, filled with hazardous equipment and space-consuming workstations. Fortunately, Industrial Hearing Protection can help in creating a safe environment. But things can quickly turn risky if the right measures aren't taken. The use of personal protective equipment is mandatory for any job that requires employees to work in a hazardous environment. The sheer number of situations and combinations of PPE available can make choosing the right PPE for a specific situation difficult. Here we will discuss the basics of choosing and implementing personal protective equipment practices that protect workers while extending the equipment's life.

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  4. Protection Against Biological Hazards from A Biological Attack or Hazardous Site

    A biological attack is a deliberate release of a pathogen or biotoxin to cause death or economic damage and could be focused on either humans, plants, or animals.

    There are two types of potential biological agents namely those that are transmissible and can spread between humans such as smallpox, Ebola or biological agents that are not contagious but are detrimental to health such as anthrax. 

    The most harmful biological agents including the above are categorised by the US homeland security as category A due to the fact that they are easily disseminated and/or contagious and lead to high mortality rates.

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  5. Healthcare Research Shows FFP3 masks Reduce Covid 19 Infections

     healthcare research shows ffp3 masks reduce covid 19 infections

    The research highlights the inadequacies of using the simple loose-fitting fluid resistant surgical masks more designed to prevent the transfer of liquids droplets (Loose fit/ gaps around the face) & the benefits of using FFP3 respirators that are close fitting masks with filtration material designed to filter the smallest of particulates & aerosols.

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