1. What Is A P3 Mask?

    What Is A P3 Mask? One of the most important equipment of protective clothing are respirators and dust masks. Masks are the most commonly used personal protective equipment in an environment that imposes some airborne hazards. A wide range of industries like construction, pharmaceutical, and agriculture requires exposure to harmful chemicals and substances that’s why it’s necessary to use protective clothing. Read more »
  2. Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations

    Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations Safety at the workplace is a major concern for the employees and is a huge responsibility of the employers. There are specific safety and security rules and regulations that are meant to safeguard workers from harm and remove any imposed risks to their lives. A major emphasis is laid on the fact that employers should strictly implement these regulations at their workplaces. Read more »
  3. What does PPE stand for? It's usefulness in Health and Safety

    Many of the jobs require working in a hazardous environment that impose some serious threat to the health of the workers. These occupations are mainly of technicians, construction workers, electricians, medical lab technicians, mine workers, to name a few.

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  4. 5 Common Workplace Safety Issues too Serious to be Overlooked

    As an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide your employees with a safe workplace, free of potential health hazards and other dangers. Accidents in the workplace don’t just impact you financially, but also could end up damaging the reputation of your business

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  5. 7 smart tips for workers to stay safe in the workplace

    Your workplace may have the best safety protocols and procedures. And, your employer may provide you with regular safety training and the best protective gear. Yet, workplace safety isn’t complete, until You, as an employee are committed to workplace safety. 

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