Hearing Protection

  1. Protective Failings Of Ear Loops Masks

    Protective Failings Of Earloop Masks

    Recent studies have looked into the protective failings of ear loop masks in comparison to respiratory masks that use head strap attachments to provide a tight fit to the face.

    The information below highlights the reduction in protection with ear loop masks & why a head strap attached mask should always be used when actual FFP protection is required.

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  2. Ear Plugs Vs Ear Muffs - How to Choose Between Them

    Ear Plugs Vs Ear Muffs - How to Choose Between Them

    Ear protection basically refers to the devices used to protect the ears either from elements like cold, dirt, water or specifically from noise. There are various ear protection devices available for purchase, both online and offline.

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  3. When and Why is Hearing Protection Important for Children?

    When and Why is hearing protection important for children


    Not all social situations with a dangerously high level of noises can be avoided and if you have young children then you might be aware of the damaging effects that high decibels of sound can cause on your child's hearing ability.

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