1. The Role of FFP3 Masks in Mitigating Respiratory Risks During Global Health Crises

    The Role of FFP3 Masks in Mitigating Respiratory Risks During Global Health Crises

    Before the pandemic unleashed by the deadly virus of COVID-19, half of the world was unaware of the impact of the pandemic on daily life. After corona began wreaking havoc, the people had a weapon that helped them defend themselves from the attack of COVID-19, the Masks.

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  2. Importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the food industry

    importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the food industryPPE for the food industry creates a fence between an employee's skin and the food that is being served to the customer. While taking proper precautions while handling or serving food, like washing hands in between the tasks is important, the staff should also use proper gloves to provide proper safety to clients as well as staff.

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  3. Industry Safety with a Disposable Biohazard Suit

    industry safety with a disposable biohazard suitA Hazmat suit, short for risky material suit, is an entire body piece of clothing intended to safeguard the wearer against perilous materials or substances. It is a type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is frequently utilized by firemen, crisis clinical groups, paramedics, scientists, staff answering harmful spills, experts tidying up tainted offices and laborers in poisonous conditions

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  4. A Guide to Respiratory Protective Equipment for Woodworking Projects

    Protective Equipment for Woodworking

    If you are someone who loves working with food, either as a volunteer enthusiast or as a professional, it is vital to ensure that you don't develop any respiratory diseases due to the nature of your work. While working on different projects, you get exposed to a lot of wood dust, fumes, chemicals and tiny particles that pose a threat to your respiratory system. These may also cause severe allergies, and sometimes, even cancer to those constantly being exposed to the toxins released while working with wood.

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  5. Paint Spraying & Smart Spraying RPE

    Paint Spraying & Smart Spraying RPE

    The article will cover general paint spraying, decorating & DIY using conventional paint spraying products that tend to be solvent based commonly known as cellulose paints (Contain non reactive organic products) as well as paint spraying with isocyanates (Contain reactive products such as epoxy or isocyanate containing products) & SMART spraying.

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