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  1. Healthcare Research Shows FFP3 masks Reduce Covid 19 Infections

     Healthcare Research Shows FFP3 masks Reduce Covid 19 Infections.

    The research highlights the inadequacies of using the simple loose-fitting fluid resistant surgical masks more designed to prevent the transfer of liquids droplets (Loose fit/ gaps around the face) & the benefits of using FFP3 respirators that are close fitting masks with filtration material designed to filter the smallest of particulates & aerosols.

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  2. What Are the Differences Between FFP3, N95, And Surgical Masks?

    what are the differences between ffp3, n95, and surgical masks

    Wearing face masks is a necessity these days, especially when air-borne viruses like the Covid-19 are claiming lives by the thousands. As a result, many varieties of safety masks are available in the market, each serving the purpose of keeping the wearer or those around them safe from airborne diseases.

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  3. Protective Failings Of Ear Loops Masks

    Protective Failings Of Earloop Masks

    Recent studies have looked into the protective failings of ear loop masks in comparison to respiratory masks that use head strap attachments to provide a tight fit to the face.

    The information below highlights the reduction in protection with ear loop masks & why a head strap attached mask should always be used when actual FFP protection is required.

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