Sundstrom Spray Painters Kit

The Sundstrom Spray Painters kit contains everything you need for most spray paint & adhesive applications all in a handy container.
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The Spray Painters kit contains:

  • SR 100 Sundstrom Half Mask
  • P3 Filter SR 510
  • A1 Filter
  • 5 Pre Filters
  • Pre filter Holder
  • Wipe
  • Kit Storage Container

Approved standard for EN 140, EN 143 & EN 14387

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Frequently Asked Questions

01: What are half Mask Respirators?

Half mask respirators enclose both the nose & mouth & as such are termed half masks. Half masks are made from natural or synthetic rubber that allows sufficient flexibility for facial contours. Every half mask is required to reach the EN 140:1998 safety standard & will protect against both very fine particulates & gases when used with the correctly selected mask filters for the hazard.

02: What Half Masks Protect against viruses?

Half mask respirators with the P3 filter (FFP3 Equivalent) provide an APF 20 which is the correct grade of protection against viruses such as Covid 19 & SARS.

03: How long can you wear a half mask?

Half masks have been designed to be worn for long periods however as per HSE guidance regular breaks should be taken after less than an hour of continuous use as the RPE may start to feel uncomfortable. This reduces the risk that the user will loosen the straps thus reducing the seal & protection.

04: Do you have to maintain Half Masks?

All half mask respirators used on a regular basis should be thoroughly checked at least once a month. If the half mask dust respirator is only used occasionally it should be examined carefully before use.

05: What are the key maintenance checks for Half Mask respirators?

  • Filter check – Filtration material is kept within the filter & due to limitation capacities can get clogged making breathing difficult. Any replaceable filters should be replaced if needed.
  • Half Mask Cleaning – Cleaning of the half mask is advised to remove any built up contaminants & moisture. Only cleaning materials advised by the manufacturer should be used.
  • Valves –Check & replace any faulty valves.
  • Straps should be checked for damage. A damaged strap may prevent a secure face fit to be achieved.

06: What protection levels do Half Mask Respirators provide?

Depending on the filter selected, Half face masks will provide an APF 4 (P1 Filter), APF 10 (P2 Filter) & an APF 20 (P3 Filter).

Half masks will also protect against gases/vapours including organic/inorganic fumes & acid gases as well as ammonia & mercury. The correct fume filter for the hazard encountered can be found in our mask filter category.

Half mask respirators should not be used in oxygen deficient environments.

07: How can I check if my Half Mask is properly sealed?

Always follow the manufacturers RPE advice when using the mask however generally a good seal can be checked by covering the inlet valve / filter with your hand, inhaling & holding your breath for circa 10 seconds. The mask suction should not loosen. If it does loosen readjust the head hardness straps & retry until a good seal has been achived.

08: What protection levels do Half Mask Respirators provide?

It is the company’s legal responsibility to ensure their RPE wearers have been face fitted. Protective Masks Direct ltd provide face fitting across the whole of the UK.